Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trying to Fool the Voters

Here they go again.

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In 2009, Democratic leaders in the Colorado legislature passed a series of tax hikes, circumventing TABOR by calling them "fees."

Well, they are at it again in 2010.

The latest episode is a push by a group of statist education zealots known as Great Futures Colorado.

This latest evolution centers on placing a referendum on the November ballot that would authorize the legislature to raise your taxes for more public school funding.

Their argument: that Colorado under funds its public education.

The problem with their idea is that its currently illegal to raise taxes without voter approval per TABOR...A little sidebar: if Colorado did not have the TABOR amendment, Democrats would have run our state into greater fiscal deficits than what we currently have.

While the legislature is our body of elected representatives, they are spending our money. And fiscal prudence, ie spending more money that what is available, is not a strength of most legislative bodies.

When it comes to more of my money being taken from me, I want to vote on it.


Anonymous said...

This is outrageous! Thank goodness for Tabor...

Anonymous said...

Schools need money but they need to ask us first before they spend more of our hard earned shekels!