Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No More Spending Obama

One of the hallmarks of Keynesian economics is that deficit spending promotes sustainable growth.

It does not work. History has proven it so.

Hooray to today's Denver Post op-ed which does get it. Here it is.

Even as Europeans move further and further away from this philosophy, Barack Obama remains a disciple of it.

The G20 conference in Toronto this weekend was an embarrassment for Americans. As European leaders gave Obama dismissive looks, Obama continued to make his flawed case for more deficit spending, money that America does not have. You see, Obama believes that government spending stimulates a private market economy and creates jobs. Mr. President, with all due respect, you must have been asleep during your college economics classes.

Here is a little inconvenient problem with this approach: when the government spends "money", it spends your tax dollars. As it takes money away from you, it lessens how much money you can spend on things like job creation, productivity, capital investments et al.

But our President and his star-crossed advisers refuse to get it.

November is only 5 months away.

Monday, June 07, 2010

New Laws for CO Medical Marijuana

We have commented much this year on Colorado's medicinal marijuana fiasco. Our view has always been that medicinal marijuana is a fraud and truely a front for the legalization of this drug.

We have also advocated for the repeal of the 2008 voter approved amendment. Perhaps that will happen in 2012.

When a majority of Coloradans voted for this measure in 2008, it was under the premise that a few Coloradans would have legal access to it for pain management purposes under a physician's supervision. Time has shown that premise to be false.

Yesterday, Governor Bill Ritter signed several laws that inject "regulations" upon medicinal marijuana and its use. These measures are mere tokens. Here is the story.

We have a marijuana problem in Colorado. Voter approved or not, there are now more medicinal marijuana outlets in the Denver metro area than Starbucks state wide!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ted Haggard Returns to CO

He's back.

Here's the latest.

Five years ago or so, Haggard was forced to resign as pastor of the mega-church, New Life Fellowship in Colorado Springs.

Let's take Ted at his word that he has recovered from the inner demons which caused him to stumble the last time.