Friday, May 25, 2007

Ouch! Colorado Right to Life Jabs Friends...

You know this saying with a funny twist- "we have met the enemy and its us!" I guess that's the thinking these days with our "friends" at Colorado Right to Life (CRTL).

Earlier this week, the Colorado state chapter ran a full-page ad in the main Colorado Springs paper blasting most pro-family groups in our state. The issue-the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court banning partial birth abortions. CRTL's ire came because certain family groups hailed the decision as a breakthrough in the battle for life.

Oouch! I am not sure who cooked this one up but generally its considered bad form to air dirty laundry in public. Good friends should be able to disagree from time to time but no one wins when allies blast each other in the media. While I applaud CRTL ardor, passion and commitment to the cause, they are shooting at their friends!

Check out the repercussions here.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll (Plus a little Bush-bashing too!)

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Sprinkle in a little Bush-bashing and you have the makings of another great day of public education in Colorado a la Boulder style.

Sounds too good to be true right? Believe it or not it happened at Boulder High School last week.

When I went to high school ages ago, we studied boring subjects like math, english, civics, etc. Makes you wish you could go to high school now!

Check out the story and see if you want your son or daughter a part of such a good time!

PS- Your taxes funded this "fun day of enlightened thinking."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Colorado Teen Pregnancy Crisis

"I guess I thought it couldn't happen to me." Most mom's who don't expect to get pregnant say this after the fact.

For several years now, my wife and I have watched the struggles of a neighbor girl who got pregnant. To her and her family's credit, she had the child. But she is really struggling with all of it as a 17 year plus teenager whose a mom. Its not to say that being a 17 year old mom is wrong but its an uphill battle in today's culture to have a child at this young age.

Colorado is gripped by a growing unintended pregnancy crisis. Read the entire story here.
Here are some numbers for you from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment:
*40 percent of all births in Colorado are unintended!

*75 percent of teen births in Colorado were unintended!

*25 percent decline in teen pregnancies in the past decade. 14 percent of the decline attributable to teens having less sex.

Assumably, other factors contributed to the overall decline such as abstinence education. No matter how you slice it, our culture has little sense of cause and effect. Meaning this: if you have sex you may get pregnant.

I don't think that these trends should surprise us. Our young people live in a sex-whenever culture and many have the false impression that everyone is "doing it." If given a chance, most kids want to reserve their sexuality and not discard it cheaply. Anything other than abstinence poses high risks of disease or unintended pregnancies.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Real Christians of Genius Video Clip

This is how we sound and look at times to the world. The video clip says it all.

Some Thoughts About Sex...

Okay, nobody may see it but you know you are smiling. Sex just does that to us. While I am no sexologist, I am human, a guy and sex is frankly, very appealing. And I am a Christian too...

Christian sex is radically exclusive. Our sex-crazed culture is anything but exclusive. Yet, despite our "sexual freedom" and stimulation, most people are unfilled. Sex outside of marriage is horribly destructive. An ancient parable states that "sex outside of marriage saps a man's soul."

I am not a prude or Elmer Gantry, but only a realist who sees the brokeness of a culture where sex runs out of the banks.

There's a better way.

You see, God archicted sex to be an exlusive bond between a man and a woman. Its a holy convenant. Its an act of love towards your wife or spouse. My wife is the focus on my desires. At the core of our relaitonship is a soulish intimacy no one else has with either of us.

Its a giving away of oneself to another...

Bad News for Colorado Families

Finally, its over. This year's legislative session was one of the darkest in recent memories for Colorado families. A whole host of bad ideas have been passed and Governor Ritter has signed most of them. I fear the path we are heading down will not bring prosperity to our families and communities.

Here's a synopsis of this year's "bad stuff." For more information, visit our web site at

Health Care/Emergency Contraception: Anti-family forces were finally able to produce a law which will require hospitals and pharmacies to provide emergency contraception (abortion) information and drugs to rape survivors (SB 60). Additionally, Colorado's Immunization Registry has been expanded to require health information on all children born since 1989. Helath care professionals will be required to submit patient information to this data base (HB 1347). Finally, legislators passed a law which establishes a fund for cervical cancer vaccinations and a public awareness campaign (HB 1301).

Education: A new law would require school districts to teach science-based comprehensive sex education. This curriculum will include both abstinence and contraception information. School districts which currently receive federal funding for abstinence education are exempt (HB 1291).

Homosexual rights: Homosexuals were one of the major winners this year. A new law was passed that would grant adoption rights to second parents designated by the main adoptive parent (HB 1330). Additionally, a second possible law granting homosexuals and transgendered people special work place protections is on Gov. Ritter's desk. This law would impact religious associations and groups which accept any federal funding (SB 25).

Marriage and Family: This year's edition of the Colorado Fair Housing Act law includes a redefinition of the family from biological or adoptive to "any two people who live together" (SB 124).

Planned Parenthood: Another big winner this year. They are celebrating a return of state funding for their community services.

Scripture clearly states that we should give thoughtful and considerate answers on what we believe and to salt the culture with godly values (1 Peter 3:15). Thank you for your support and prayers this year...

**For more information on these new laws, please go to

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lowering the Divorce Rate? Maybe...

Are Americans staying married? Are we on the downward side of the divorce scourge in our nation.

Read the latest story here and decide.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

National Day of Prayer for the Family

If you missed the news, today is the National Day of Prayer. I don't know about you, but for me, every day has to be a day of prayer. In fact, First Thessalonians 5:17 tells believers to pray continuously not just once per year!

Anyway, here's a little twist on today's prayer event. I think we need a national day of prayer for the family.

Here in Colorado, many of our lawmakers think that family should be "broader; more inclusive." Their bottom line- a definition of the family which a decade ago would have been laughed at.

This is really not a political issue but a cultural one. Now some will say, "what's the harm?' Others would chime in and say that a broadening of terminology only helps those on the outside looking in. For afterall, don't we want people to be happy no matter what "gathering" they choose? Afterall, we are an enlightened and tolerant culture...

These sentiments have caused me to seek for a national day of prayer for the family.