Friday, May 25, 2007

Ouch! Colorado Right to Life Jabs Friends...

You know this saying with a funny twist- "we have met the enemy and its us!" I guess that's the thinking these days with our "friends" at Colorado Right to Life (CRTL).

Earlier this week, the Colorado state chapter ran a full-page ad in the main Colorado Springs paper blasting most pro-family groups in our state. The issue-the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court banning partial birth abortions. CRTL's ire came because certain family groups hailed the decision as a breakthrough in the battle for life.

Oouch! I am not sure who cooked this one up but generally its considered bad form to air dirty laundry in public. Good friends should be able to disagree from time to time but no one wins when allies blast each other in the media. While I applaud CRTL ardor, passion and commitment to the cause, they are shooting at their friends!

Check out the repercussions here.


PFaustin said...

The Colorado Right to Life that we have known, loved and worked with for many years is gone.

A group of people with an agenda got their people on the board and everything has changed. It is now an extension of the Bob Enyart hate and disinformation machine.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory but this one is true.

Enyart is behind the scenes using a group with a good reputation and history to spread his drivel.

This latest stunt is just for publicity. They know that anybody who takes a pot shot at Dobson will get some press. That is what Enyart celebrated on his website yesterday - how many news outlets carried the story.

As you said, there are many things we can disagree on. None of us are perfect. What we see with this ad is very immature behavior.

We do have a real enemy and it is not Dobson or other groups we may have differences with.

Enough said.


James C said...

This is a really interesting internet radio show mentioning the problems with the supposed PBA ban and the ministries who are saying it is good;

I would like you to post a detailed response to this and the open letter (which was published again as a full page ad in the Washington Times today) if you disagree with the CRTL analysis and letter.

Also, I do not see a link to the CRTL PBA analysis or Open Letter to Dr. Dobson at your web site and I think that would be pretty important for people to see in order to make an informed decision regarding the ruling.

Here is a link to the analysis:

Here is a link to the letter:

Here is a link to the ruling:

God forbid that we Christians should call evil good as a million kids a year continue to be ripped to pieces.

Thank you,

James C said...

It is sad Philip how those who don't agree with CRTL never address the issues raised on the links I posted above. I would hope you could post a mature response addressing the issues next time and quit crying over some personal vendetta you have against Bob.

You accuse Enyart of being a hate and disinformation machine. That, as well as the rest of your conspiracy theory attack post sound pretty hatful to me. Where I came from we call that hypocrisy!

Jesus didn't care much for hypocrites.

Anyone can read the links above and see that the argument that we have been duped by the pro-life industry at the cost of millions more children killed is valid. If its not let hear your rebuttal of the facts.

In Him,
James c

Bob said...

Sadly, as the OP in this thread shows, and as PFaustin's reply shows, pro-lifers who criticize us have absolutely avoided addressing the substance of our Open Letter to Dr. Dobson.

We call upon Focus on the Family, to publically correct the record, stating that: this recent ruling actually permits partial-birth abortion (to the navel); that the PBA ban never had the authority to save a single child’s life; and that the pro-life industry's claim that this ruling protects children is false.

We hope that such admissions would bring pro-life leaders to re-evaluate their legal positivist strategy of supporting laws that end with, "and then you can kill the baby."

-Bob Enyart

Jason said...


You said the Dobson letter was part of the Enyart “disinformation machine”? Can you give an example of the disinformation in the letter?

You also said, “What we see with this ad is very immature behavior.” When I read the letter I see examples of past actions by Focus, citations from the PBA ruling, and a call to action. Seems logical and thought out to me. The letter didn’t use emotional and unverifiable terms like drivel, hate, stunt, pot shot, disinformation machine, conspiracy theory, and immature behavior.

Lastly CRTL was not the only group to sign the letter. American Life League and Human Life International both signed the open letter yet they are still listed on your webpage as good prolife links- Why condemn one group for signing and not the others?