Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bad News for Colorado Families

Finally, its over. This year's legislative session was one of the darkest in recent memories for Colorado families. A whole host of bad ideas have been passed and Governor Ritter has signed most of them. I fear the path we are heading down will not bring prosperity to our families and communities.

Here's a synopsis of this year's "bad stuff." For more information, visit our web site at

Health Care/Emergency Contraception: Anti-family forces were finally able to produce a law which will require hospitals and pharmacies to provide emergency contraception (abortion) information and drugs to rape survivors (SB 60). Additionally, Colorado's Immunization Registry has been expanded to require health information on all children born since 1989. Helath care professionals will be required to submit patient information to this data base (HB 1347). Finally, legislators passed a law which establishes a fund for cervical cancer vaccinations and a public awareness campaign (HB 1301).

Education: A new law would require school districts to teach science-based comprehensive sex education. This curriculum will include both abstinence and contraception information. School districts which currently receive federal funding for abstinence education are exempt (HB 1291).

Homosexual rights: Homosexuals were one of the major winners this year. A new law was passed that would grant adoption rights to second parents designated by the main adoptive parent (HB 1330). Additionally, a second possible law granting homosexuals and transgendered people special work place protections is on Gov. Ritter's desk. This law would impact religious associations and groups which accept any federal funding (SB 25).

Marriage and Family: This year's edition of the Colorado Fair Housing Act law includes a redefinition of the family from biological or adoptive to "any two people who live together" (SB 124).

Planned Parenthood: Another big winner this year. They are celebrating a return of state funding for their community services.

Scripture clearly states that we should give thoughtful and considerate answers on what we believe and to salt the culture with godly values (1 Peter 3:15). Thank you for your support and prayers this year...

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