Monday, September 17, 2007

Daily Humility

When I back my car out of my driveway every morning and head to the office, my own level of personal humility for that day is not often on my mind. I must admit that I am thinking about "my ministries", work, finances et al.

But today's personal devotion hit me between the eyes. You guessed it-personal humility.

I must admit that while I have studied and reflected upon the issue of humility, its one that more often than not slips by me. Its not that I am an egostic or self-absorbed too much; I just don't think about it much.

But that's not how God would have it.

1 Peter 5:5 and following declares that we are to "cloth ourselves with humility." That seems to be pretty encompassing. I am to wrap myself in God's humility towards others. What kind of a world would it be if everyone acted this way? A lot different.

It just seems to me that there's a deep power and peace that comes with humility. Mother Teresa (who I have blogged about before) exemplified this notion of humility. She lived it. She poured it out on those around her. She was a powerful woman in a different way. She watered the dry ground around her with humility, service and grace.

Let's be spigots of humility today. The ground is really thirsty.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More People of Faith Are Coming...Soon

I have a good friend who has 11 kids!

Now, some may call it a plot while others would say that its a love of kids. My good friend and his wife are strong Christians too. And there is a very good chance that each of their kids will share their faith and transmit it onto their future families.

While its easy to be frustrated with ideas and beliefs which run counter to Christian values, their is hope in the future- more kids from Christian families.

Chuck Colson (one of my favorite authors and Christian thinkers)calls it the "fertility gap." You need to read his commentary here.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Rush to Get Married in Colorado?

Young couples are avoiding marriage in Colorado, according to a Rocky Mountain News story in today's edition.

Based on US census data, young Colorado couples are fearful of marriage, not wanting to experience their boomer parents broken marriages. And whose to blame them?

If this trend is true and holds, the future for families and children is chilly.

There is a lot of work to be done to turn our state and region into a strong marriage and family culture..

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank you Mother Teresa...

Thank you Mother Teresa. Even in your death, your life continues to teach us humility and service to the poorest of the poor. Your life also illuminated Christ's poignant teaching in Matthew 25, where Jesus instructed his disciples to care for the poor as though they were caring for him.

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of this diminutive yet peerless champion of the poor. In 1950, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, located a stone's throw away from the meanest streets in Calcutta.

When it is all said and done, one's legacy matters the most. Her work continues to shine through the hands of other disciples. Missionaries of Charity has expanded to more than 4800 sisters and 750 homes worldwide.

Thank you for reminding us what is really important.