Thursday, January 10, 2008

Democrats Bask in Capital Sunshine

Colorado Democrats basked in the sun of political power and momentum during Thursday's annual state of the state speech by Governor Bill Ritter. Their ascent to almost total political power in Colorado in the last ten years is stunning by any account.

In 1998, the political power shoe was on the foot of Republicans. Bill Owens was in his first term as Colorado's first Republican governor in nearly 25 years. The "R's" held majorities in both state houses. Their where whispers that a Republican hegemony could rule Colorado fo 20 years. But then things began to slowly change for the "woe-be-gone" Democrats.

Their secret recipe: they found a message which resonated with the electorate (health care, green energy, strong education); they discovered a band of rich Democratic political billionaire underwriters (you know these names-Tim Gill,Patricia Stryker and Jared Polis); they enlisted the help of a sympathetic media; and they began an incremental plan of slowly grabbing legislative seats in competitive districts. They also had a bunch of help from an overly confident and somewhat obtuse Republican party who lost their governing compass.

Fast forward to January 10th, 2008. The Democrats have all the political and idea momentum in Colorado. You could just feel their collective energy, their confidence and smug dismissal of their now "wo-be-gone" Republican counterparts. They are the masters of the public agenda. Will they fumble the ball away as the Republicans did in the early 2000's? Time will tell. Its hard to imagine Team Democrat losing much ground in the future. And, Colorado voters may change their allegiance down the road again. But for now, they are the ones in the sun...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Right Position for 2008

At the beginning of each new year my mailbox is stuffed with mailers offering to maximize my talents and to position me professionally, personally and financially. They all tout that I can achieve the success and happiness I need if I follow their advice and purchase their material.

I have no doubt that God wants me to utilize my gifts to their utmost for His kingdom. Being sharp in these key areas will benefit me. But here’s where the subtle trap comes in- it would be very easy to twist my gifting and promote my abilities for my own gain, ignoring what God has given me for now. God gifts all of us with unique abilities to further His Kingdom. My gifting is a means to and end, not the endgame. We tread on thin ice when we alone attempt to position ourselves by championing our abilities.

A good biblical reminder is Abraham. Here was a man who experienced spiritual highs and lows. On the one hand, God exercised a covenant with him, promising him that his descendants would be more numerous than the dust of the desert (Gen. 13:16). Yet, on the other hand, his faith wobbled when he could not see how God could accomplish this covenant and he conceived an illegitimate son with his wife’s female servant (Gen. 16:4).Through these mistakes, Abraham still emerged as one of the pillars of the Old Testament, a man whose heart was for God and who realized that God would position and provide everything he needed, even if it meant losing his promised son (Gen. 22).

Abraham learned a vital lesson, one which is applicable today. What God desires most from us is not our position in life but a heart bent towards him.

As 2008 unfolds, trust in God to position you and your family. Don’t ignore sharpening your unique gifts or skills. Just be wary that you don’t make yourself the endgame. God is at work in your life, profession and family (Rom. 8:28). Instead, trust God to continue to place you exactly where He wants you to be.

As RMFC moves forward in 2008, our desire is to be rightly positioned by God. We believe that it’s the season now for building a strong marriage culture in our region. Please note all of the excellent resources in this newsletter, including our 2008 Colorado Legislative Preview and our upcoming marriage and family seminars. These seminars are taught by great communicators and are designed to enrich your relationship. Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Your Position in 2008

Happy New Year!

The older I get the faster the years go by. I am convinced of thus fact. But I have also noticed that the older I get the more concerned I am about being in a good position, whether it be financial, professional, spiritual or relational.

But as I think about it, I don't think that's what God wants first from me, at least not at the start. A shift in the "winds of life" could change my position(s) pretty quick.

A subtle danger lurks when we attempt to position ourselves by promoting our own merits and abilities. Overtly, it sets up a dangerous trap for us- to make the "means to an end" the endgame when it shouldn't be so. Covertly, it takes God out of the equation. There is nothing wrong in using our God-given gifts and skills to accomplish the mission God has given each of us in life. But it can be subtly twisted.

I have come to believe that God doesn't care about our position in this life. What matters most to God is our heart. What wants from us is a position based on Him, that is a by product of our life and not a way to promote ourselves without God.

Check out Proverbs 27:2.."let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips."

Your thoughts.