Friday, August 29, 2008

Sex By The Numbers

Here is the sex update from the June 2008 USA Today survey...

-5 million opposite-sex umarried couples live together, up from half-a-million in 1970. Our view:This trend has been building for years. Our divorce culture has spawned a generation of young skepketical adults who are leery of a life-long commitment. This "psudo-marriage" gives them the near benefits of marriage without the commitment. Howedver, nearly 70 percent of co-habitors divorce if they marry.

-10% of American couples are cohabitating while that number is 30% in Western Europe and Canada. There are enough of these couples now to call their relationships "mainstream." Our view: See above. Faith plays a large part in marital formation for many couples. There will be some restraint of cohabitation in America due to our ongoing religious beliefs. Yet, many younger Christians see no problem with it.

-20% fewer marriages were reported in the U.S. in 2005 than in 1995. Our view:This is a disburbing trend. What it means is that more children will be born out of wedlock than to intact two-parent homes. This trends needs to be reversed.

-63% of Americans say that homosexual marriage should be permissible and that the government should not ban it. At the same time, more than 50% of churchgoers believe that gay marriage should be prohibited. Our view:We would take issue with this number since most marriage-definition amendments pass at the state level. However, there is a growing cultural sentiment that homosexuals should have a equal partnership incumbent of the same rights and rewards of marriage.

-55,000 homosexual couples from other states will legally wed in California. Our view: It is likely that the voters of California will repeal this misguided court decision in November. In 2000 more than 60 percent of the California electorate voted for a law defining marriage between one man and one woman. We believe a majority sentiment towwards this position still exists.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

9-year-old boy told he's too good to pitch

This one comes from the "hard to believe file"....

Jericho Scott is nine years old and plays baseball. He possesses a blazing fastball and is so good that local little league officials in New Haven, Connecticut have told him that he cannot pitch anymore.

Here's the story.

Playing sports is about winning and unfortunately losing. Banishing a stand out athlete sends a powerful message that mediocrity is more important than excellence.

Let's hope this call gets over turned.

The Pelosi Deception

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at it again.

Now I will cut the esteemed Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives a break as to her intentions and grant her a naviete pass on this one.

Here's what Pelosi said on Sunday's Meet the Press....""doctors of the church" have not been able to define when life begins and that "over the history of the church, this is an issue of controversy."

Really. Nancy Pelosi self-describes herself as "an ardent, practicing Catholic." One would then assume that she would be very knowledgeable about the teachings of her church. Apparently, for whatever reasons, she is not. Now again, I don't want to accuse her of untruth, but only hold her accountable for her words...

The Catholic Church for a millenium has held the view that life begins at conception. Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput added that "Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a gifted public servant of strong convictions and many professional skills. Regrettably, knowledge of Catholic history and teaching does not seem to be one of them."

He adds the punchline: "Abortion kills unborn, developing life. Its is always evil, and so are the evasions employed to justify it. Catholics who make excuses for it- whether they're famous or not-fool only themselves and abuse the fidelity of those Catholics who do sincerely seek to follow the Gospel and live their Catholic faith.

Could Pelosi's statement be more about politics than intellectual honesty?

Archbishop Chaput Nails the Abortion Issue

Hoorahs again to Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput and his clairvoyant column on abortion.

With the backdrop of this week's Democratic National Convention looming, Chaput issued a clear and concise statement on life and abortion.

Here it is. You don't want to miss this one.