Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let Voter's Decide-Judicial Fiat Strikes Washington DC

Once gain, homosexual activists have used the court to accomplish by judicial fiat what they could not do by the ballot box.

On Tuesday, homosexual marriage became legal in the District of Columbia.

In December, Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, signed legislation authorizing the city to issue same sex wedding licenses. This decision was supported by the Washington DC Superior Court. When this decision was appealed, the US Supreme Court turned a deaf ear to it.

Along with DC there are now five states which allow same sex marriage.

The common ground in these states: the voters have never approved of it.

In fact, whenever voters have been permitted to exercise their right to vote on the issue, it fails.

In Colorado, voters approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as an act between a man and a woman in 2006. The vote was 58-42 percent.

Our prediction: DC homosexual couples will have their day for a while, but if and when a vote comes, it will be overturned.

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