Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Caucus Time in Colorado

I am going tonight! That's right, I am a caucus virgin.

I cannot think of a better year to make a rookie appearance. Who knows, I might be elected to do something.

Colorado's Caucus history stretches back to the 1800's. This is Colorado politics at its grassroots. Both major parties will caucus tonight. Any registered voter can participate.

As I understand it, caucuses are party meetings by precinct, district, or county, where registered party members gather to discuss the candidates and to select delegates to the next round of party conventions. Depending on the party rules of a particular state, delegates selected at a caucus might go on to a county or state convention before attending the national convention in the summer.

Wow. I thought I might wind up on a folding chair in stranger's living room. Instead, our precinct is meeting at the local middle school.

Those who show up to caucus are “more likely to be quite active in the political party in other ways,” he says. Caucus-goers also tend to be “people who are more educated, affluent, and stronger partisans,” says Alan I. Abramowitz, political science professor at Emory University.

Count me in.

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