Friday, March 19, 2010

House Of Ill Repute

Soon the United States House of Representatives will vote on a historic national health care bill. A bill that the majority of Americans are clearly opposed to.

Yet, the process continues likely culminating in a weekend vote.

To get to this point, a generation of American politicians have sold, bribed and threatened each other to gain votes.

Perhaps it has been done for the betterment of America, but we believe that power and the control of a large chunk of our economy is the driving goal.

The process has been done poorly with much deception. Its trail head begins in the Oval Office of the White House and treks into the Speaker of the House of Representatives office.

Neither party has a monopoly on bad political behavior. Yet, we have reached an all time low in 2010. These actions are poisoning our nation's soul. Young American eyes are watching this generation of leaders carefully noting how they are exercising their stewardship of the American enterprise.

What they see is America's politics at its worst, a la Chicago style.

President Obama campaigned on hope and change. As far as we can ascertain, there has little transparency but buckets of dirty politics as usual.

Its a House of Ill Repute.

Sadly, they don't care.

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