Monday, March 08, 2010

Marijuana Use and Kids

Most Coloradans know that our state is embroiled in a medical marijuana disaster.

In 2008, Colorado voters approved the legalization of marijuana possession for medicinal use. What they didn't bargain for was the disaster it has become.

Last week, the issue came to a head at the Colorado State Legislature.

Speaking before a state senate commmittee, a young recovering heroin addict spoke how marijuana use in young people increased their likiehood of future drug use.


As I have written here before, for nearly 5 years I directed the downtown Denver Rescue Mission. Most of the addicts we saw that came through our doors began their drug addictions smoking pot.

In today's Denver Post article on this issue "many members of the law enforcement community, the growth of the state's medical-marijuana industry is a plague that threatens to increase marijuana use of all kinds among teens and young adults — with disastrous results for the state.

"The revenue generated from the marijuana industry," state Attorney General John Suthers wrote to lawmakers in a letter opposing a bill to regulate dispensaries, "will not cover the societal costs we will all incur."

Medicinal marijuana use should be repealed by voters in 2012.

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