Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Steely Resolve-Badly Needed in the UK

In today's New York Post, columnist Ralph Peters sarcastically asks the rhetorical question that many of us have been thinking of late, "Was Margaret Thatcher the last great man in Great Britain?" I would imagine that Winston Churchill is doing multiple flips in his grave over the weakness being displayed front and center by the current crop of British leaders the hostage crisis with Iran. Those of us Americans old enough to remember our own hostage crisis with Iran in the 1970's remember our weak and tepid response. It was a shameful chapter for America.

Remarkably, a recent British poll showed only 7% of the British public believed that military force should be used against Iran while only 44% believed that military force should be used in any case to resolve the current crisis.

It is sad to see few Britishers with their proud heritage of fighting tyranny world wide blink in the face of naked aggression by a terrorist state.

I still hold hope though that the ghosts of great British leaders like Lord Nelson, William Wilberforce and Winston Churchill will summon forth Britain's deep national pride to push back the latest incarnation of evil.

Rule again Britannia!

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