Monday, April 16, 2007

Shock and Horror

Today's campus shooting at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia is sending a tremor through our nation's collective conscience.

When will we wake up and stop our cultural sewer? Last week it was the racist comments by shock jock Don Imus. This week a bloody college campus.

Friends, our nation is facing a moral crisis.

While we will deplore this heinous crime, a deeper look at our culture must be warranted. There will be those apologists who will say that there is no connection between these events. But, when life becomes cheap, the trickle down effect touches all parts of our society. Whether its racist demeaning comments intended as a "joke", or a brutal murderous college rampage, there is a connection.

To think otherwise is thoughtless.

What we put into our culture will come out in some form. Flip on the television or engage in most of the popular media and it doesn't take long for the sewer of our culture to lap its banks poison your life.

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