Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Public Education-Your Choice Is Your Choice

Today's feature news article in the Rocky Mountain News fuels the ongoing debate over the efficacy of public schools, particularily the "crashing and burning" of the Denver Public School system.

"Denver Public Schools lost about 5500 Denver students to suburban schools last year. Nearly half the Denver kids ages 5 to 17 who go to suburban schools live in southwest Denver."

No mysteries with this fact.

Simply, many families have left poor DPS schools for better educational options. Southwest Denver, in effect, has educational competition, something that educational choice advocates have always wanted.

Grace Harris, the 6 year old in the article's first page, represents the choice which suburban families are making- they are leaving bad schools and going to quality schools. Their rationale- they want their kids to be in the best schools possible. Like any other "product" people want the best. In a perfect world, good schools would flourish while those who offer a poor educational product would go out of business.

The winners here are the kids and their families. School choice does work.

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