Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Faith Always Trumps Party

I will die for my faith but not for my politics. But that aside, I would self describe myself politically as a social conservative

Perhaps you have heard of best-selling Christian author Jim Wallis (God's Politics) or even Reverend Tony Campolo. Both men claim faith in Jesus Christ and express their spiritual views in an evangelical fashion.

But both men are liberals politically. What then would we have in common?

In the last several years, there is a widening fissure between conservative evangelicals and liberal evangelicals over the hot political issues of the day- the war in Iraq; homosexual rights; the role of the government, etc. These political differences are significant.

But the balance point for all of us, is to keep in mind that faith always trumps party. In this sense, Chapman, Wallis and Campolo have much in common. There is no political litmus test in heaven only a spiritual/faith requirement- faith in Jesus Christ and the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Jesus encountered the political leaders of his day. He did not take sides in the political issues of that day (and there were lots of hot issues then too). What he challenge them to do was to think beyond their politics to a bigger equation- what truly is the Kingdom of God.

Those principles which Jesus taught are ideas that we can rally around now.

Before we slay each other, let's remember that politics will fade away in heaven. I will break bread with the Jim Wallis' and Tony Campolo's of the world one day in glory.

I have a hunch that my political affiliation will mean little on that day.

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