Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The "Haggard" Effect

You may be surprised by a recent Rocky Mountain News story which shockingly stated that more than 5o percent of pastors are unfaithful to their spouse. Here's the story.

Some in the Colorado media are titling this problem the Haggard Effect. Frankly, this crisis in the pulpit has nothing to do with Ted Haggard other than the emerging fact that a bunch of pastors may be infected with the same disease.

Is there some truth to this story- yes, I think so. But is every pastor a sex-crazed addict- no. Most pastors are not leading a double secretive life. However, many pastors set themselves up to be tempted and to fall. They often labor with little gratitude, scant accountability and inappropriate attention from people they are counseling. Mix in a lack of family time and long hours, and temptation can find some pretty fertile ground.

Sometimes we think pastors are super humans impervious to human temptations. They are not. Encourage and care for your pastor. Challenge them to be married to their wife and family, not the church. Provide the means for your pastor to go on a marriage retreat to renew their relationship with their spouse...

What do you think?

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