Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wisdom in the Public Square

In Colorado, the advent of January means several things: great skiing and the ignition of our state legislature. For the next five months, debates over the issues facing our state will ensue- from illegal immigration to health care to education.

For the next two years, Colorado Democrats will have unparalleled political power. Their hold on both houses of the state legislature and the governorship may usher in a very different direction for Colorado. Time will tell. But, Coloradans have a great opportunity to participate in making our state strong. Your ideas do count!

2007 also marks a great opportunity for believers. As Christians, we have a responsibility to witness to whomever holds the power, pointing towards godly ideas and solutions. The New Testament book of 1 Peter addresses our need to offer sound, godly and insightful answers for our beliefs. The underlying assumption is that Christians will be in the public square and that they will witness for God no matter what the context or setting may be.

All ideas, either good or bad start somewhere. Let's be the one's who initiate the ideas.

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