Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tax Dollars for Colorado Abortions?

Seldom can you give a fox a chicken and tell it not to swallow.

Last week, our newly minted Governor Ritter made his first mistake as Guv. In his first state of the state address to a joint session of the Colorado legislature, he proudly announced that he would refund Planned Parenthood's (the fox) "pregnancy prevention and family services with tax dollars (the chicken). His rationalization- we need to prevent more unwanted pregnancies and Planned Parenthood is well-equipped to provide this service. Again, seldom can you give a fox a chicken and tell it not to swallow.

Several years ago, then Governor Bill Owens cutoff state tax dollars to Planned Parenthood because of their inability to prove that tax dollars (chickens) were not being used to aid their abortion services. A subsequent audit proved Owen's original premise. Since that time, Planned Parenthood's lobbyists and political allies have plotted and planned to get their hands on your tax dollars once again.

They have found a friend in Bill Ritter.

Sources tell us that Ritter has "privately" pro-life. Yet, what good is that? Its akin to saying that you don't want harm to come to your neighbor yet failing to call the fire department at 2am as their house burns, not wanting to disturb them.

Guv Ritter has invited the foxes into the hen house. Sadly, this act is a payoff for key political support leading to Ritter's election. Planned Parenthood will not get its hand caught in the cookie jar again. They will be more stealthy this time around, erecting legal and corporate moats to protect their state funding of their "services."

This is a bad start for our new Governor. And the foxes will enjoy their dinner.

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