Thursday, January 25, 2007

Contraception Bill Returns Again

For five years abortionist Democrats in the Colorado legislature have been trying to pass a law requiring hospitals to provide contraceptives or contraception information to "rape victims."

This year it may pass with Democratic control of the legislature and a friendly new Democratic Governor.

Here's the issue and the problem. Democratic supporters of this issue argue that rape survivors deserve this type of emergency information. Okay. They also state this will shrink the number of unwanted pregnancies and provide a "compassionate" response to the crime of rape.

Let me preceed my comments by saying that rape is a horrible crime worthy of no one. It is one of the most de-humanizing acts any human can foist on another person.

Having said that, the breakdown with this law starts with the institutions which would be mandated to carry this law out-hospitals. On the surface, it sounds reasonable, but in reality its a Trojan horse.

First, this law would run roughshod on hospitals who operate with moral principles, particularly Catholic ones, ordering them to act. Its troubling to think that the government could be empowered to order private institutions to violate their moral views. Second, it assumes that every "rape survivor" has truly been raped. I would never diminish the anguish of any rape victim, but I am cognizant that some may see this service as a path to free birth control. Third, the dispensation of emergency contraceptives could be harmful without the consultation of a doctor with a history of the patient. Finally, there is no evidence that this type of service reduces unwanted pregnancies.

So there it is. This is still a bad idea for Colorado.

Here's a good story on this issue.

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