Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Value of Personhood

Governor Ritter's recent decision to refund Planned Parenthood's operations has reignitied an old debate- the value of life, specifically unborn and elderly persons.

Let me start by saying that abortion is a slippery slope. The ideology of euthanasia finds its roots in abortion. While doctors, ethicists and philosophers may argue when a unborn person establishes personhood, scripture offers a clear position- and its a position historically held until the recent era of abortion.

In the Old Testament book of Psalms, chapter 139 offers a compelling description of God's intentional procreative work. Specifically, verses 13 through 16 delineate God's pre-birth design and personhood for every unborn human.

But there is hope around our nation in the life battle.A new proposed law in Georgialikely will pass through that state's legislature and become law.

Changing the hearts and minds of men and women is a large task. But its a battle which demands our attention.

There is work to be done here in Colorado. More than 9800 abortions were reported in our state in 2003!

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