Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ritter's Car Tax HIts Home

It's here. If you have not seen it yet, you will. Just wait until your annual car renewal license bill comes and it will be huge.

All of this courtesy of Guv Ritter and his Democratic allies in the state legislature.

Below is an excellent op-ed piece from our good friend and State Senator Kevin Lundberg on this issue. Read it and weep.

Senate bill 108 is a quarter of a billion dollar (per year) car tax. Some are calling it Bill Ritter's Car Tax.

Never in my legislative experience have I seen such a reaction from the people of Colorado after a law has taken effect. For the last several weeks hardly day goes by without at least one constituent calling me at home to complain about SB-108.

Not only do they resent the more than doubling of the cost of registering an older car, but the penalties for late registration are an incredible shock. It is a mandatory, one size fits all formula of $25/ month, up to four months ($100) for any late registration. This applies to even the little trailer you may have around that you rarely use.

How would you react if you expected a nominal ($10-30) registration cost and are handed a bill for well over $100? This late fee even applies for the months before the bill became law! Many people with multiple older vehicles or motorbikes have told me they may never register them. Others have threatened to go to another state.

But wait... there's more. SB-108 also set up a system for tolling existing roads and several new bureaucracies for administering these taxes, fines, and tolls. For all of these reasons not one Republican, in either house, voted for SB-108. We spent long hours in the Senate and the House arguing against this new car tax, but in the end the governor had the votes from his own party to pass both houses and then he signed it with great fanfare.

In the next session I will be introducing a bill to repeal parts of SB-108. I trust that the people will have, by that time, convinced enough legislators in the governor's party to agree to get rid of at least the worst parts of the Bill Ritter's Car Tax.

For more information about SB-108 go to:

Elections have expensive consequences.

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