Thursday, July 30, 2009

Careful What We "Fix?"

Like most Americans, I would concur that our current health care system needs reform. I don't like the $1500 per month premium nor the 80/20 payout after my family's $3k cap. Oouch to my wallet. And to top it off, whenever I call for a little customer service, I get someone who cannot speak English or cannot find my account.

Over and over, the Canadian health care model is held out to by many reformers be a shining example of patient care and fiducial responsibility. Really?

Here's a thought. If the Canadian system is so good then why do thousands of Canadians motor south to the USA for immediate care? And, why do Mexican immigrants stop here and not continue onward to our northern neighbor?

These facts give me pause. Perhaps, our health care system is not all that bad when compared to other places...

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