Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Care and Its Impact on Your Family

I want to give the President a chance to explain his health care plan. I agree that our current system is too expensive, too complicated and uncovers many Americans.

But please, a government solution? If you want to build your confidence in the proposed public option, take a peek at other current government businesses like Amtrak and the US Postal Service. Makes me feel safe!

Who is President Obama kidding?

Last night's prime time Presidential news conference was another foray into the fogbank. I am sorry but the man makes no sense. He has had his chance. I don't think he has read his own plan. Obama either does not know his own plan; lives in a parallel universe; has no understanding of a free market economy or simply thinks he can fake us all out.

Here are a few ideas to ponder:

-Competition will not happen. If private companies (who have to show a profit) have to compete with a public option (who does not have to show a profit), they will fail. Employers, when faced with the cheaper public option, will cancel their current health care plans and put employees in the cheaper public option.

-Cost. No one really has an answer for it. Not even Obama. Most estimates are probably too conservative. Few government run plans come in on time and at budget. The economic reality is that our nation cannot afford this program. Who do you think will pay for it?

-Quality of care. Eventually, health care decisions will be made by a government agent who will decide who gets what care and when. The days of your doctor diagnosing your condition and prescribing immediate care will end (for more info on this one visit Canada). Also, forget about your privacy. All medical records under the public option will be put on a CD and be housed in some office in Washington, DC. This one scares me.

-The development of new drugs and treatments. A good friend's father has advanced pancreatic cancer. Until recently, this was a death sentence. However, thanks to ongoing research and development over the last 20 years, new anti pancreatic cancer drugs are now available to put the cancer into remission. What drives research and innovation is not just the desire to find a cure but the financial reward for finding a life-saving drug. It's called the profit incentive and its the little secret behind a free market economy (See point #1). There will be no incentives for private companies to do research and to find those future drugs that will save people 20 years from now. Obama care will snuff this out.

-Finally, control. Do you want the government to control your health care decisions. I don't think that's what most American bargained for when they voted for Obama in November of 2008. But this is what "the change we can believe in" is coming to be. If the government takes over health care, one sixth of the American economy will be under its control.

Here is my bottom line: the current system is broken and in need of reform. The Obama plan will not solve any of the issues only worsen the system.

Here is an excellent link and analysis of the Obama plan.

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