Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting "High" in Denver

I will confess that I live near the "Mile High" city of Denver. It used to be that "mile high" proudly referred to the elevation of Denver, rooting for the Broncos, cool nights, close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, clear majestic views and all of the other good things that go with living at altitude.

However, its taken a new meaning. A smoky "haze" is now descending on the Mile High City. Here is the latest story on the medicinal use of marijuana.

The elected officials in Denver are caught up in this haze. It seems like the only adults in town right now are the Feds and local law enforcement (the folks that deal everyday with drug addicts).

Yesterday, the ubiquitous Denver Post ran a less than heartily followup story on medicinal marijuana. Unfortunately, the majority of confidential Denver registry of folks who claim pain and need medicinal marijuana are males with an average age of 24.

Sounds like a scam to me!

Here's the key quote the Denver Post (which I agree): "Pardon our skepticism, but that profile seems tilted awfully heavily toward young Coloradans."

Really. Here's more: "It's one thing for people who are at the end of their lives or who are truly suffering to find some relief in the use of marijuana. It's another entirely if people who want to see marijuana legalized are using medical marijuana provisions and friendly doctors to do an end run around drug laws."

This Denver law needs to be repealed. Clear away the haze!

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