Friday, February 02, 2007

Requiring Cervical Cancer Vaccination-Give Me a Break!

According to Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams, every 11 and twelve year old Colorado girl is or will be sexually active. At least that's the premise undergirding her latest proposed law requiring the vaccination of these children prior to their admittance into any Colorado junior high school.

Senate bill 80 carries this idea.

I am appalled at the premise of the idea. Now, don't misunderstand my passion. Cervical cancer is a terrible disease. I want every means used to prevent it and cure it. My problem with this idea is that it assumes sexual promiscuity will be a natural event for young girls. And the logic here gets worse because it promotes the notion that this shot will magically protect these children and they can continue their promiscuity. The fact is that cervical cancer is caused by the human papillomavirus, which is contracted through sexual intercourse. A better way to handle this to promote abstinence measures.

As a father of two girls, I intend to protect my daughter's virginity until they move out on their own. If they decide to get this vaccination when they are 18 so be it. But for now, we are raising our girls to value their sexuality and to save it. I am not going to get these shots for them as a protective hedge.

Senator Williams and her crowd need to adopt a new view that kids are more than goats. Good public policy in this area would advocate abstinence which would reduce acts of promiscuity which in turn would cut down the transmission rates of the human papillomavirus.

This idea is enlightened irresponsibility.

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