Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Amazing Grace and Christian Collaboration

Unfortunately, Christians are inconsistent when it comes to working well for the common good of our culture. But there are some shining exceptions to the "rule."

One of my favorite Christian writers, Chuck Colson, pens a fantastic article in today's daily update. He tells the poignant story about the collaboration of two Christian groups in nineteenth century England who worked together to end slavery. The most infamous member of this group was William Wilberforce, a well known principled Christian statesman in England during the nineteenth century. His partners in this endeavor were a lesser known sect, the Clapham Saints.

Their collaborative work changed their culture.

Before you read Colson's thoughts, let me quickly add one of my own. First Corinthians 12 reminds all believers of our integration with other Christians. The Apostle Paul brilliantly states that every Christian, great or small, has vital skills and talents needed by the entire church.

If we are to impact our time and culture, we must work with each other for the common good, finding issues that we can offer solutions to...

Here's Colson's article, the Spirit of Collaboration.

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David Rupert said...

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