Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Really Good Guy- Colts' Dungy Has the Right Perspective

I was flipping through the sports pages this morning and came across another great article on Super Bowl champion coach Tony Dungy. This story warms my heart. If you have followed this story, much has been rightfully made about his ethnicity and being the first black coach to win a Super Bowl title.

But, there are some great life lessons to be learned from his story. Here are the ones that stand out for me.

First, Tony Dungy is an inspiring role model for all of us. Its easy to get cynical today. His success is a refreshing reminder of all that is right about the American dream; that hard work and perserverence is the recipe for true success.

Second, his climb to success was not without hardship and trial. Dungy was fired in Tampa Bay and suffered through the tragic loss of a son and Smith had to endure many closed coaching doors. In today's immediate gratification society, we think that we are all owed immediate success or that it will automatically come to us. Dungy and Smith would attest that is not the case.

Finally, faith matters. I appreciated his now infamous comment right after the Colt's win where he stated that what matter most to him was winning God's way. What a great selfless, humble comment. Its a comment that I hope many will absorb.

We need a dose of good guys acting well today. Cheers for Tony Dungy!

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