Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Back to the Drawing Board for Republicans

In 1994, Republicans turned over the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives, capturing more than 50 seats. After almost 40 years of control, Democrats were swept away. Their sins-lack of ideas, corruption and malaise that often accompanies political power. Republicans captured the 1994 electorate hope for a better nation with their "Contract with America"...

Today that seems to be a distant memory. Good ideas will capture the minds of voters. Thus, good people with good ideas and good campaigns will win elections.

In 2006, Republicans found themselves in a similar predictment as the 1994 Democrats-lack of ideas, corruption and malaise. Granted, the media and other institutional forces conspired against Republican success, but the fact remains that Republicans need a fresh wind of ideas and leadership.

Case in point is Iraq. President Bush has not done a good job constantly telling the American people why Iraq is important. Most Americans cannot even find it on a world map. And yet, many families are sacrificing their most valuable human assets-their sons and daughters for a nebulous distant cause. Most Americans have memory-fatigue in today's information-saturated culture. The moral high ground for the War in Iraq has been seized by the anti-war proponents. This should not be the case. But, if unclear reasons for our acts in Iraq are not offered, then the effort can be easily dismissed.

Unlike 1994, Democrats did not win this election because of ideas. At this point, they seem to have few ideas as to what they want to do.

So, there's an opportunity now for Republicans to roll up their sleeves and begin to win again the battle of ideas. That's how you win elections.

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