Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Intent of the Gay Marriage Debate

Most Coloradans are tired of the gay marriage debate. Its ski and snowboard season and the Broncos are entering the stretch run of the season.

Still ,with everything that has been said about the voters passage of Amendment 43 and similar rejection of Referendum I (civil union law), its important to remember the nexus of the issue.

The debate about gay marriage is not a debate over tolerance. Its a debate about the purpose of marriage.

Most of us dislike the idea that other Americans are being deprived of their rights. Most Americans oppose bigotry and disparagement. By and large, we are very tolerant, generous and kind towards strangers and those with other beliefs and values.

We can win the gay marriage debate if we remind our fellows Americans about the intent of marriage. But it will necessitate practice and not only words. What would be some good practices?....How about lowering the divorce rate, incentivizing premarital counseling, forming community church consortiums that promote marriage values and offering parenting and financial classes to married couples, issues that often lead to divorce.

The purpose of marriage is clear. But we need to remind Americans in word and deed.

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