Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chicken Little-Is the Sky Falling?

You know of the story of Chicken Little?

Some are already predicting that the sky will fall under the Colorado Democratic monopoly.

Maybe. But we believe that there will be legislative action taken on a host of issues which are harmful to life, marriage and family values.

Here's our list of troublesome predictions based on the actions and words of elected Democrats in our legislature in previous years:

*Planned Parenthood will be refunded with tax payer dollars. Watch this one. We believe that a woman's "private choice" need to be paid for privately. Additionally, using public dollars to promote abortion services should be funded privately. This will be an early test of Governor Ritter's pro-life beliefs.

*CSAP will be either eliminated or marginalized until it dies its own death. The teacher unions are gunning to gut CSAP. Yet, educational accountability is good. Aferall, it is the largest piece of our annual state budget.

*Domestic partnerships will be legalized at some point. And you thought "REF I" was dead? Governor-elect Ritter has already disavowed his support for civil unions. But, but, but...Gay activists who are part of the Democratic monopoly will demand payback for their support of Ritter's victory. Also,look for legislation requiring businesses to accept transgendered employees irregardless of their personal behavior or dress.

*Colorado government will expand services and programs with near blank checks given to social services, education, tort and transportation. More government services means higher "investments. In simple language, more taxes.

*School choice will fade. More accountability is coming for home schoolers and alternative public education alternatives. The government school system main not remain tolerant of educational efforts outside their purview.

*Colorado businesses will sag under a new government based health care effort. We are for universal quality health care for Coloradans. We have a simple question. Who will pay for it?

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