Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How About Some Good News?

There's good news out there tonight. The nearly final numbers for Amendment 43 are in and they show it pulling away to a great 56-44 percent victory.

Sadly, the media is giving its passage very little coverage, choosing instead to spotlight gay activist Tim Gill's work.

But, God sees our work. Kudos to all of the marriage-believing Coloradans who stood tall for this effort.

The other good news is the demise of Referendum I. It's loss is good for Colorado. Fortunately, voters did not fall for its disingenuous premises. However, we are worried that its death is only temporary and that a Democratic legislative coalition will pass it shortly after the convention of the 2007 state legislature. Their rationale- that Colorado voters are misguided and this horrible injustice needs to be remedied!

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