Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where's God When Tragedy Hits?

Where is God in the midst of human tragedy?

Gunman kills high school student and then himself in a Colorado mountain high school. Many wonder where God is…

For many Coloradans, this recent high school tragedy felt like a Columbine replay. A gunman enters a Colorado high school and takes hostages. Police storm the school and in the process, a 16 year old student, Emily Keyes loses her life.

In the midst of the storm, many questions are being asked about life. One of those inevitable questions which many are asking -where is God? Which fronts the real question: does God really exist? Some will sarcastically ask this question in an attempt to discount claims that God doesn’t care or love us. Others will ask it out of a broken heart. Some because they don’t understand how God could permit such evil.

No one knows why God allows evil acts. Human tragedy and the evil acts have always been a part of the human saga.

But, when God created humanity he built all of us with the ability to make moral choices-right or wrong. Every human would have freedom of choice. But that freedom of choice would also create the potential for human evil. Obvioulsy, God knew of this potential but the higher choice for Him was to give his creatures the ability to freely choose him- not robots. When these evil events occur because of the volitional choice of someone, we are offended and want choice eliminated. And we ask that inevitable question about God's care for us and his existence. Yet none of us would ever surrender our ability to choose. We can't have it both ways.

If you are facing this question from a friend or you are thinking about it, remember that God loves us. Evil always allows God to do his best work in ways which would have been impossible before. God will redeem all things even evil events.

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