Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welcome 300th Million American!

Somewhere in our nation in the last couple of days, the 300th million American was born. This is great news!

Unlike our European counterparts, America is flourishing with new children guaranteeing our nation's future. This future generation promises to be very diverse and much different than their predecessors. High technology, longer livespans and an uncertain world will greet them. Hopefully, like their predecessors, they will see themselves as "Americans" despite their ethnicites, embodying the great American dream. Here's a great link to the national story.

Here at home in Colorado, our state posts a current population of more than 4.8 million- and we are growing fast. Demographers expect Colorado to surpass 5 million residents by 2008 and more than 6 million by 2018. The hub of the growth will continue to be centered in the Front Range but growth is occurring all over the state. Most of our state's growth is in the Hispanic community. The Hispanic birth rate is nearly double than that of non-Hispanic whites and more than double of other ethnic groups. Check out the story here.

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