Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Choosing a Great College

Its that time of the year when the pursuit of a college for "junior" begins. Parents begin to add grey hair and their pre-college bound kid starts thinking of where they want to go next year (their thinking may go like this-warm beaches, attractive members of the opposite sex, few classes, etc; contrast this thought process with their parents-rigorous academic pursuits, 8 pm bedtimes, no members of the opposite sex, etc).

Like everything else today, the selection of a good college is no easy chore. There's the huge price tag, potential distance and the never-ending worry of your child's decision-making abilities. And there is the valid concern about the ideology of the school and the ideas your child will encounter. Plus, we have all heard the horror stories of good kids being warped by values and ideas counter to our beliefs.

From our view, the college experience should be a partnership between parents, kids and the college. While we want our kids to explore new ideas and meet new people, today's academia climate demands a thorough review of every school's agenda.

We have come across a good resource for you to use. If you are looking for some input, here's a good tool.

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