Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Forgiveness Works

Often, in the midst of tragedy, God shows up in ways you least expect. In the wake of the school shooting in the heart of Amish country in Pennsylvania, God is healing a broken community. I am not that surprised by it but this story has a divine message to it...It is hard to forgive someone particularly when they commit a premeditated egregious crime. The Amish families who had been victimized by this heinous crime had every human right to be angry, demand huge punitive reparations and even a few pounds of flesh.

Yet, they took a different course.

They extended an olive branch of forgiveness to the family of Charles Roberts. And it sounds as though their decision to do this was quick. It didn't take months and it wasn't issued through their attorneys. Somewhat stunned, the gunmen's wife poignantly thanked her Amish neighbors, "your love for our family has helped to provide he healing we so desperately need."

The power of forgiveness is God's spigot for human healing. In no way are we diminishing the pain and loss of the victim's families, but in the aftermath of this tragedy, healing is flowing into this community. Check out this remarkable story

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