Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wear the American Flag

The United States is not a province of Mexico, France or Canada.

Yet, some folks living here seem to have forgotten that fact.

Here's the story.

The answer to this one is really common sense which seems to be lacking in some politically-correct quarters.

Here it is:

I have no problem with Mexican-Americans celebrating Cinco de Mayo or Irish-Americans celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Americans come from all over the earth and our nation is made richer because of these heritages.

But, we are all Americans, at least we should be or should be in the process of becoming one. America has always been an immigrant melting pot. But, let's remember that our greatness is not defined by our ethnicity's but by our common ground and shared values, language, flag and customs.

The American flag unifies us as a nation. There is no other flag that should be on equal footing in our country.

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