Monday, May 24, 2010

No to Federal Bailout of Teacher Unions

Here they come.

The next great bail out will be for teacher unions around the nation.

Below is an excellent article describing the $23 billion dollar federal bailout of public education systems around the nation.

Click here.

Deemed the "Keep Our Educators Working Hard Act" this bill would provide emergency funding for financially strapped school districts around the country.

Let me say first, I love teachers. I am married to one. Both of my parents and sister were and are public school teachers.

However, there are problems galore with this most recent bailout.

First, there is a small thing known as the current Federal budget deficit, which if left unchecked will destroy this nation. We cannot afford another bailout.

Second, this money is like heroin to an addict. A quick fix is not going to solve budgetary crisis' faced by many states. In fact, these monies likely will make things worse.

The bottom line is that cuts are needed in the public school systems. You cannot have something that you cannot pay for with dollars today (something that our politicians do not understand). These tough decisions have to be made now.

Finally, kids and public school systems will survive.

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