Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Arizona Temptation for Colorado

Don't do it.

Somewhere, someplace, Governor Bill Ritter is getting pressure from his leftist coalition to knuckle under and announce a state ban on everything Arizona.

That would be a bad move.

Even though California (aka as the American "Greece") has taken the misguided lead in this exercise of futility, Colorado should have no part in it.

Last weekend, I was in Arizona attending a conference. I bought meals, beverages and as much Arizona as I possibly could. All of the Arizonians I talked to support this law as a reasonable attempt to reel in a bad situation. Frankly, if the truth be known, this law will make little or no dent in the tsunami of illegal immigration. What it may do is fire up the Obama Administration to constructively look for bipartisan solutions.

While I am compassionate to the plight of illegal immigrants, I want the law enforced. I want these immigrants to do it legally and not sneak here in the dead of night. I want them to get in line and become either U.S. citizens or be a part of ta guest worker program.

Arizona has done what any state would do to protect its sovereignty. Phoenix alone has almost 500,000 illegals!

Resist the urge Mr. Governor and keep Colorado out of the boycott Arizona madness.

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