Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Giving Benefits to Federal Homosexual Employees Partners

Today, President Obama will put pen to paper and extend federal health care benefits to the partners of homosexual government employees. In doing so, he hopes to appease homosexual groups which supported his election.

This move comes in reaction to high pressure from homosexual groups who form a loud and financially lucrative group in the Democratic coalition. In recent weeks, homosexual activists have grown increasingly frustrated with what they perceive is a lack of action by the Obama administration on their issues. When Obama failed to lift the current military ban on openly homosexuals serving in the military, the tipping point had come.

The target point here is the Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program. Via executive order, Obama will order that these benefits be made available to homosexual partners of federal employees.

Again, the tidal wave of homosexual activism continues forward in America. Here in Colorado, Governor Bill Ritter signed a similar measure. Homosexuals and their political allies argue that these are rights they should have-that true equality cannot be achieved unless our society gives them equal rights and recognition previously enjoyed by heterosexual married couples.

It's important to remember these arguments in the face of this tidal wave:
-Marriage has always been seen as the socially acceptable relationship between a man and a woman.
-Society and the state have a vested interest in promoting and maintaining high numbers of successful marriages. Marriages provide the procreation of future generations; reduce unmarried infidelity and paternity; promote the creation and distribution of wealth; reduce sexually transmitted diseases et al.
-Thus, the distribution of "benefits" is so important. Because of society's and the state's vested interest in marriage, family benefits were distributed to encourage marital and familial stability.-Homosexual marriage provides none of these benefits other than the fulfillment of adult needs.

Here is the story.

Obama's act is in essence a de facto recognition of homosexual unions as marriage. This downward slide will continue and the fight is not over.

Elections have consequences.


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