Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Battle Continues for Life-The Tiller Legacy

Today's Denver Post op-ed (Wednesday, June 3rd) suggests that the abortion battle needs to tone down in the wake of the murder of the infamous Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller.

I would agree with the Post that this scorching debate need not become a shooting war, but the issue cannot be buried either. What the Post is subtly suggesting is that pro-lifers go away and accept the status quo. I say no.

Right now, abortionists hold the upper hand. Abortion is the law and legal in all 50 states. Our current Colorado state legislature is led by an pro-abortion majority. However, that does not make it right. In 1857, the United States Supreme Court concluded that Dred Scott, a black freeman, did not have the same constitutional rights as any of his white equals. Eventually, this law was rescinded and deemed by history as misguided. Similarly in 1973, our nation's highest court was wrong again, extracting the constitutional right to an abortion. This too in time will be overturned.

Pro-lifers, despite the liberal media barrage, need to be encouraged. National polling shows that most Americans lean towards life, seeing abortion as the last option. While the media wants to spin the story about the alleged damage done to the pro-life movement, I would take a different position. The kind of heinous abortion services that Dr. George Tiller was offering is evaporating. Most Americans remain offended that viable, unborn children are being killed.

More than ever now, the practice of late-term abortions needs to be outlawed. Let's start here in Colorado. That action will be the legacy of George Tiller.

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