Tuesday, June 16, 2009

David Letterman Offers Mea Culpa

Earlier today, Daivd Letterman offered his mea culpa issuing an apology to Governor Sarah Palin and her daughters about his offensive joke last week.

The point here is that this joke broke new ground in television decency.
Whether you are Democrat or a Republican, liberal or conservative,we must agree that any joke about a woman being raped is beyond the pale. There is no room for this type of comment in ou culture.

As a father of two teenage daughters, I was deeply offended. My wife and I work hard to teach our children well about sexuality and the appropriate place for it in their lives. Granted, my daughters never saw the show, but many young women did.

Our nation is awash in a sea of nastiness and crudeness. The toxicity level of our discourse is appalling.

If my grandmother was still alive she would have driven to New York and washed Letterman's mouth out with soap.

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