Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rick Warren Needs to Resign

Monday night's edition of Larry King Live was a black-eye event for the marriage movement.

Larry King's guest was mega-church Pastor Rick Warren, invocator at the Obama inauguration.

During his interview, Warren committed an embarrassing mea culpa, renouncing his support for Proposition 8, the voter approved California constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage.

If you flip the pages back to last fall though, Warren was an ardent supporter. Here's the link for the whole ugly story.

Wow. This one blind-sided me. It saddens me that a pastor of such national prominence commits an embarassing mea culpa on a national show like Larry King. I am hopeful that Pastor Warren had a "deer in the headlights" moment and misspoke.

If he has truly recanted his support for biblical marriage, he needs to resign from his church.

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Jessica Sideways said...

Maybe Rick Warren's conscience was speaking to him and showing him how by supporting Proposition 8, he was robbing many, many families of the right to marriage and encouraging promiscuity.

Jessica Sideways
Denver, CO