Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Passing Out Condoms in Church? Give Me A Break...

What do you think about the latest idea in "church growth?" One denomination believes that condoms should be available to churchgoers in the United Church of Christ denomination.

Here's the link.

Recently, the HIV and AIDS Network of the United Church of Christ (UCC) said condoms should be handed out at places of worship. The statement was issued during a presentation to the denomination's Wider Church Ministries Board and also advocated making condoms available at faith-based educational settings...What they forget is that condom distribution is akin to fuel on a fire. By giving folks condoms you give them society's tacit permission to engage in illicit sexual relationships.

Calling it the denomination's "moral responsibility" to make condoms available, the UCC's executive for health and wellness advocacy said "people of faith make condoms available because we have chosen life so that we and our children may live...Another little ugly fact is that condoms often fail in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

I guess I just live in a different universe. Besides the obvious "bad message" that will be sent to the youth of these churches, its the low regard these churches have for the capacity of folks to chose abstinence or marriage.

The sad fact remains that the United Church of Christ has completely broken away now its historic Puritan roots. The forefathers of this historic denomination must be rolling over in their graves.

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