Friday, October 03, 2008

The Truth About the Financial Crisis

The truth hurts.

For days now, Democrat revisionists have laid the blame for the financial crisis at the feet of the Bush Administration.

But their charges are untrue. Maybe they just forgot the truth.

Interestingly, an article in the New York Times dated September 30, 1999 sheds light on this current darkness.

Here it is.


Red Letter Believers said...

The storm is upon where is your trust?

Anonymous said...

This article is true in that it is a piece of what is going on. All over America, people have been worshipping money and what it can buy. We have had complete faith in the "system". We have become reckless with credit and what we can buy. And the loosening of Fannie May isn't all of it. The Stock Market is a ridiculous house of cards, betting on whether a business or organization is going to make it, or not.