Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Homosexual "Marriage" Flourishes Under An Obama Presidency

I don't like to be Chicken Little and cry out that the sky will fall.

But, the fact of the matter remains that an Obama presidency will usher in an era of unprecedented social liberalism the like that this nation has never seen before.

Here's another case in point. Obama has publicly endorsed efforts to expand homosexual marriage. Despite the outright false statements by his Vice-Presidential running mate (maybe Biden hasn't read the fine print yet), an Obama presidency will be ground-zero for homosexual marriage activists.

Its already rolling in California. Here are the details from our friends at Family Research Council....PS-Your vote matters in three weeks.

Homosexuals Having a Field Day with CA Schools
"It really is what we call a teachable moment," argued Liz Jaroflow, the interim director of a local California charter school. This is how she and other administrators rationalize the decision to take a class of impressionable first graders on a field trip to their teachers' lesbian "wedding." At the suggestion of a parent, Jaroflow herded the five- and six-year-olds onto a bus during school hours last Friday and surprised Erin Carder and Kerri McCoy at City Hall. Now the unorthodox excursion is putting San Francisco's school district at the center of a national debate on counterfeit marriage. When asked what educational value the trip had, Jaroflow pointed to the "historical significance of same-sex marriage" and "civil rights." "...[I]t's not controversial..." she told reporters. "It's certainly an issue I would be willing to put my job on the line for." Whether or not the district will ask her to do so is unclear. According to the Chronicle, Jaroflow did ask for parents' permission, and two families opted out. Across California, however, voters are in disbelief. The trip, a disgraceful abuse of school time, is just a preview of the indoctrination to come if Proposition 8 fails. Ironically, this happened just days after "No on 8" launched ads last week claiming same-sex "marriage" would not be taught in schools, no matter what the outcome on November 4. Not only will it be taught, it's obvious that the lessons are already underway!

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