Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"Flipper Bill" Ritter Wrong Again on Life.

C'mon Guv.

When you ran for election in 2006, you touted yourself as a pro-life Catholic Democrat, who valued the sanctity of life.

Yet on Tuesday, you aligned yourself with the abortion crowd, cronies and rationalizers. The issue at hand-Amendment 48, which simply states that life begins at conception.

Here's the link to yesterday's story.

What I don't understand today is how a "pro-life' Catholic can oppose this amendment?

Maybe you haven't been totally honest with us. Or maybe you have made a political calculation-that forgiveness will be extended to you by the pro-lifers, whereas your leftist political masters (such as Planned Parenthood who funded your election) would take you to task in your re-election bid in 2010?

Next time be honest about your beliefs.

Either way, its time to call you Flipper Bill.


PFaustin said...

It seems Bill Ritter is having a hard time finding any abortion that he can oppose.

He claims to be prolfe. I think he should drop that claim and the claim to be Catholic. He doesn't fit with either.

I guess they must represent an old garment that he found comfort in.

Now the emperor doesn't have any clothes.


Anonymous said...

I agree. But it is the slippery slope theory. Once you start sliding down the moral hill the bottom comes up pretty quickly....