Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Vote For Obama....

There is no need to wait any longer. Normally, I don't chime in about the presidential election until the dust settles from the conventions in September, the candidates pick their veeps and the 2 month, 24 hour a day sprint to the election begins.

But, here is my summary of what a vote for Obama will mean:

-More abortions.

-Lose the war in Iraq (so much for the 4100 or so Americans who died there).

-Higher taxes.

-Advocacy for gay marriage nationwide under the guise of civil rights.

-More government including government run health care.

-Higher gas prices.

-More intolerance of Christianity in the public square.

-More international confusion, ie will USA talk directly with the thugs in Havana, Tehran, etc?

-Unprecedented clout to the labor, education and other unions.

-Repeal of the Bush tax breaks.

And the best for last---daily doses of Obama's messianic commentary of "change we can believe in."

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