Monday, June 23, 2008

More on SB 200-Its Bad!

Over the last several weeks, I have chronicled and commented on the signing and implementation of Senate Bill 200, soon to be the law in Colorado.

This is the worst piece of social legislation that I have seen in my years as a lobbyist at the state legislature.

Below are comments about SB 200 from my good friend, State Rep. Kevin Lundberg from Berthoud. Read it and weep. This law infuriates me....

"SB 200, which the governor signed despite thousands of calls urging a veto, adds sexual orientation to the list of groups covered under civil rights legislation. Governor Ritter has given assurances that SB200 will not force businesses to accept clients that compromise their moral standards, but from what I learned when we debated this bill in the House I know he is completely wrong. That is the very purpose of this far-reaching legislation!

Another troubling part of this law is the censorship it imposes on printed materials. The section banning anything published that condemns homosexual behavior could be applied to anything, even the Bible. I don't expect anyone to force this conclusion soon, but the law is so open-ended that a judge could use this law to censor the Bible and any other published information he finds objectionable.

Finally, SB200 stripped away the people's constitutional right to review this bill at the ballot box. They included a "safety clause", declaring that it was necessary for the law to take effect immediately for the "preservation of the public peace, health, and safety." This removes the people's constitutional right to demand a vote on the legislation. In my opinion this abuse of the constitutional rules for lawmaking should on its own make this law illegal. We might see if any judge has the courage to agree"

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