Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Denver Post and Tim Gill's "Husband?"

Words matter.

Today's edition of the Denver Post business section was either a major feaux pas or an intentional piece of journalistic editorializing.

We believe it was the latter.

Today's story involves the purchase of the historic Phipps mansion by Colorado homosexual activist Tim Gill and his partner Scott Miller. But this is not the real story.

Throughout the article, the Post reporter editorializes and describes Gill's partner as his husband. One year ago, Gill and Miller were wed in Massachusetts under that state's gay marriage law (a law that was never voted on by the electorate).

Unfortunately for the "Miller's" or the "Gill's" or whatever they call themselves, they are not married here. In 2006, Coloradans overwhelmingly voted for a state constitutional amendment that defined marriage between a man and a woman by a margin of 57-43 percent. Simultaneously in 2006, voters rejected another referendum that would have created a de facto gay marriage law in Colorado.

Words matter and the Post got its words wrong today.

See the article here.

1 comment:

Kevin J Jones said...

I may stop reading the Post over this.

I'm torn, because I contribute to the comments a lot and if I go few others will speak on behalf of public morals.

But there are only so many lies I can bear.

Perhaps we should start a subscription cancellation drive? It's not like the Post has a large base it can lose.